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With Rob Rozz Well & Pump Service, you get a team of experts who are fully licensed, insured, and have the most reputable plumbing skills in the areas of Sandy Hook, Southbury, Monroe, and Newtown, CT. We’re proud to be the area’s choice plumbers for well pumps and tanks, water heaters and filtration systems, and a range of other confident plumbing services.

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Water Filtration

Do you get water stains on the shower walls or door? Does your water taste or smell funny? Have you had your water tested to make sure it is safe to drink? At Rob Rozz, we can test and treat water to ensure it is safe and not causing damage to your pipes or appliances.

Water Heaters

Let’s avoid waking up to a cold shower or flooded basement because you have neglected proper care of your water heater. We can inspect and replace most any type of water heater from electric, hybrid, gas, oil, or indirect.

Is the water quality in your home bothering you? Rob Rozz Well & Pump Service is here to deliver effective solutions. Call 203-304-8281 or fill out our contact form today!


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