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Considered the premier water experts, Rob Rozz Well & Pump Service is here to handle just about every aspect of your plumbing needs. We take pride in knowing our trade, being able to help with any issues you’re experiencing — no matter how big or small! Based in Sandy Hook, we serve residential customers in the neighborhoods of Southbury, Monroe, and Newtown, CT.

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Do you run out of water? Do you want better water pressure? Have you had your well and/or
pump checked to make sure you don’t have an unexpected failure? Well pumps provide water
to the home and generally last 15+ years. Our team is available at a moment’s notice or for a
scheduled wellness check.

Well Tank with PH Neutralizer and Water Softener


Do you know the age and/or condition of your well tank? Do you have fluctuating water
pressure? Your well tank is a key component to the water pressure in the house and the life of
your well pump. If the well tank ruptures, it can quickly flood your basement. This tank should
be checked from time to time by a professional, so you don’t have an expected emergency.

85 Gallon Well Tank

New Well Tank with Sediment Filter Unit


Well inspections can be performed anytime, but necessary prior to purchasing a home because you can never be too careful. That’s why Rob Rozz Well and Pump Service offers inspections from the yield of the well to the condition of the equipment and the routine maintenance that may be required. The expenses related to well water depends on the quantity and quality of the water.

This is something you should know before making a purchase. Well inspections include the examination and operation of well pumps and all equipment (softeners, filters) related to water going into your home. A quick look into the history from the building department helps understand the origins of the property and assess the age of the equipment, depth and yield of the well, and other useful information. When purchasing a home, you definitely want to ensure the plumbing meets code and is properly functioning.

Old Water Heater

New Water Heater

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